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Project Description

Deep and Trying Testimonials

Sometimes, a business needs a testimonial to show what their clients have been through. As filmmakers, this poses a challenge; how do we make interviews visually interesting? The answer - show the space! If you've

Turkish Coffee; branding the best

We don't advertise anything we don't believe in. So that's why Turkish coffee is the most delicious opportunity we could dream of. This is the first in a series of six commercials, airing throughout the US and Saudi Arabia. Thanks to a partnership with Paolo Cascio and Capitol J Productions!

Delicious Branding

How do you know when a commercial 'works' ? When the editor picks up an addiction to the product!! Check out our commercial and branding campaign for ChocoDate, one of six commercials for broadcast through the US and Saudi Arabia. Thanks to a partnership with Paolo Cascio and Capitol J

Open Source Robotics; an oncoming era of creators

Evezor (ee•vez•or) is a tool for dreamers and creators to build, make, invent, and do things they’ve always been told wasn’t possible. It’s for people who know they have a great idea and wish to share it with the world. It's for people already in industry finding themselves unable to

Repairing Homes and Restoring Hope

A Pleasure to support The Build Team, a nonprofit on a mission to Repair Homes and Restoring Hope Our Facebook ad helped raise huge support and find more volunteers!  


Barrington Film Festival

Every year, we have the privilege of screening a film or two at the historic Catlow Theatre in Barrington. This year, we went for two vastly different styles, clashing on all but the depth of symbolic messaging and social commentary beneath the images. Progress: To Bomb or To The Moon?!

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