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Video production for nonprofit causes has been a great passion of ours, helping charitable organizations get the word out about their cause, reaching potential donors and the people who need their support.

Recently we were given a challenge to tell a story about domestic violence; every minute, 20 people in the US become victims of intimate partner violence. Our objective was to illuminate the issue and to create change by supporting WINGS Domestic Violence Shelters.

We had 4 weeks to create an inspirational PSA for the non-profit’s Purple Tie Ball. The goal was to help them continue to provide domestic violence shelters for families across the Chicagoland area.

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Our mission was to create a video that would inspire viewers to donate at the fundraiser and support the cause, but we also wanted to give them something they could post on their website and use on broadcast or commercial PSA spots. But the mission was even bigger than that, because we knew that the biggest impact would be to create an outreach of hope to those women and families in need. _E6A7707
In order to tell the story that WINGS can help give those in need a way out of a bad situation, suitable for clients and donors, we settled on a plan for a 60-second PSA with social media distribution. Through social media, we could reach niche audiences of both demographics, and with the story we knew it could make an impact.
Just four weeks from the video launch on Facebook, and we have reached 58k views with this message of hope for WINGS. We are honored to support such an important cause and organization.

Fly Away – WINGS from World Touch Productions on Vimeo.

Winner of 3rd Place at the Catlow Theater’s Barrington Area Film Festival 2017

Speaking for our whole world touch productions team, It’s a great joy to use our passion and talents to make a positive impact; if just one viewer needed a way out, and called the hotline number, then every effort has been reimbursed._E6A7541

Thank you to these amazing people for their support:

Kim Duchossois

Wickstrom Auto Group

Chicago Studio City



Jade Ocean     Mom

Parker              Boy




Thomas Balsamo     Producer Director

Wade Balsamo          Director Producer

Paolo Cascio               Cinematographer

Helga Richter             Production Manager

Hunter Spitzer           Grip and BTS

Sally Roeckell             Grip, Stylist, BTS

Mark Roeckell            Grip BTS

Stephanie Battista     Makeup Artist

Elliot Callighan          Ramova Music