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The passion for our work speaks for itself:

The founders of a local hospice recount their vision for a better world and how to get there in this interview-based documentary
The Human & Animal Connection is a documentary following lifechanging Animal Therapy Programs
A Sibling Story is a documentary production following the siblings of thriving Down Syndrome Individuals
Better Call BACOA is a short documentary screening at their annual fundraiser with a story of their lifechanging programs.
A PSA Commercial empowering local Special Olympics Athletes
Davenport Family Funeral Home’s testimonial videos, a one-voice-message documentary
The Build Team’s Social Media Viral-Video ads
Samaritan Counseling Center’s PSA advertising the need to Reach Out for Suicide Prevention Week
Walk On Farm’s social media video campaign

We’re creating a docuseries following Nonprofit Missions to improve the human condition.

We’re creating a docuseries following Nonprofit Missions to improve the human condition.

Stories about human compassion are LifeChanging. When the social interest of a program outweighs the fundraising, our matching grant can sponsor some days of nonprofit filming to document everyday heroes and their methods for making the world a better place.

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    Thomas and Wade Balsamo are award-winning filmmakers who’ve served dozens of local and national nonprofit organizations that seek to spread their message, gain donor support, raise money  and empower volunteers to make a difference in many cause-driven missions.

    Through thousands of hours of footage we’ve become masters of multicamera interview workflows, practitioners of previsualized story planning, and seekers of magically unplanned and authentically relatable moments to capture on film. With our Netflix-grade cinema cameras, flexlite softbox lighting panels and professional broadcast boom mic and sound setups, this team is obsessed with creating high quality video (4k, 4:2:2 ProRes quality).

    Our images have served companies such as Toys R Us with our Faces of Autism campaign which raised $6.5M for Autism Speaks; we’ve worked with GiGis Playhouse from the first Down Syndrome Achievement center to now they’ve grown to 46 Achievement centers. From small local organizations to mid-sized nonprofits and scaling corporations, our work has been used nationally and internationally to pull at heartstrings and communicate the “why” at the core of an organization.
    We’ve put together a team of unrivaled passion and dedication, because we believe there is nothing more powerful than a film to charge support for causes worth fighting for.