Anything that involves picking up a camera turns the world into a playground for us. We love making commercials. The problem with commercials has never been making them, or making them well: it’s the challenge of getting them seen.

You see, the businesses and nonprofits we make films for really love the content, but the trend we’ve noticed is that they don’t quite know what to do with it. Posting a youtube link on Facebook is a surefire way to sabotage your viewcount.

Sure, you could put it on a website and help increase conversions (calls, bookings, sales, info requests or email signups), but then you’re waiting for people to find you and your website among another million websites.

Don’t wait for viewers to find you, you have to find viewers — they are your leads, after all.

That’s why we’re very glad to have the opportunity to launch the films and commercials we make, so that we know our commercials are get seen by your potential clients.

Marketing without good content just doesn’t work — and in the coming age of pay-to-play, neither does good content without good marketing. That’s why we do everything to craft the right film for the right audience, and get it seen.

Check out our commercial for 18/8 Men’s Salon in Barrington, the first in a series of Facebook commercials designed to create not just awareness, but to develop a relationship of trust in the brand’s quality product, based on their quality media.

Reach out to if you’d like a video campaign to build trust with your potential customers.