Since the beginning of time humans have gone into places of isolation in order to find truth. All religions have components imposing silence and cloister in order to connect more fully to a truth in understanding of the meaning of life. Autism has involuntarily placed many individuals into the solitude of their minds, where for years they listen and watch the world around them. With the freeing of voices of autism around the globe, there is now a glimpse of their shocking depth, insight, and wisdom.

Our purpose is to create a short film featuring these individuals and their view of the world from beneath and beyond autism. This film will follow those who have broken through the wall and are struggling to communicate what lies within the minds of those living with autism. It venturing deep into their thoughts and soaring beyond the jail of autism towards those mountain top truths with a resonance that will challenge and inspire all who hear their messages of sorrow and hope.


The Organization:
Inspired by the many words left unspoken, Ray of Hope is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to giving individuals with autism the opportunity to share their stories, bridging the gap of communication and giving them a platform to make their statement and shape their impact on the world. Through a combination of film, art, and literature, the organization strives to open the doors to the basic human expression these individuals deserve.


Watch our trailer for Deep in the Souls of Autism (above) to get a glimpse into the story we’re so passionate about telling. This was filmed on an Iphone, without a crew or equipment, which is why we need your help to raise funding for a true production to tell the story with the care and artistry it needs to create the greatest impact. Our ultimate goal and vision is to continue expanding the film from a short into a feature-length documentary, which can reach the largest possible audience with a message that we truly believe can change the world.