Marketing without good content just doesn’t work. In the age of pay-to-play, neither does good content without marketing. That’s why we’re here to do both: make your film and get it seen.

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Anything that involves picking up a camera turns the world into a playground for us. We love making commercials. The problem with commercials has never been making them, or making them well: it’s the challenge of getting them seen. You see, the businesses and nonprofits we make films for really love the content, but the trend we’ve noticed is that... continue reading »

Paracosm wins Best Shorts award

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Paracosm has been chosen as a winner of the Best Shorts Film Competition. We are incredibly honored to recognized by this prestigious award and will take this opportunity as the head start for what is shaping up to be a very exciting year of film festival screenings. The Best Shorts Competition recognizes film, television, videography... continue reading »

Deep in the Souls of Autism

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Since the beginning of time humans have gone into places of isolation in order to find truth. All religions have components imposing silence and cloister in order to connect more fully to a truth in understanding of the meaning of life. Autism has involuntarily placed many individuals into the solitude of their minds, where for... continue reading »